Using our Frontcell© potentiostat software allows to maintain a stable current towards your cathodically protected equipment regardless of environmental conditions. Large structures require more power than small structures, which is no problem with our software solution. Our software uses off-the-shelf electronic equipment allowing free scalability. It can also be remote-controlled for field applications.

Frontcell© is perfect for corrosion protection, electrolysis, electrosynthesis, fuel cells, and sensors. It is fully scalable and great for product development. Its design allows it to run on many platforms including Raspberry Pi. The professional version comes with unlimited channels for large projects and a convenient graphical user interface.

Frontcell© is a software potentiostat that allows you to set fixed electrochemical potentials regardless of scale. This helps protecting your equipment from corrosion in any environment while saving up to 90% of your hardware costs. The Frontcell© was tested on Windows®, MacOS®, and Linux operating systems, making it completely platform-independent. It is available for different hardware configurations. Not sure if it works with your hardware? We will tailor it to your needs. For special adaptations and branding, please ask for a quote.

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Frontcell© Scalable Multi-Channel Potentiostat Software

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