• Alcohol Fuel Cell Kit, Horizon

The Horizon alcohol-fuel cell kit uses ethanol so fuel. Chemical oxidation converts it into electrical energy. At the beginning of the process, an ethanol-water mixture is added to the fuel cell. In a pipeline made of silicon, this mixture is then converted into electrical energy, which starts a mini turbine.


  • Description of how an ethanol fuel cell works
  • pH paper indicates the consumption of the ethanol fuel
  • Experimental guide on CD with complete manual
  • The fuel is not included for legal reasons, but can be made by sugar fermentation
  • fuel cell module
  • fuel solution container
  • Fuel tank with cover
  • ventilation module
  • Ventilation wings
  • Silicone hoses
  • clamp
  • wires
  • pH paper
  • syringe

Experiments and learning activities:

  • Generating electricity from ethanol and water
  • Exploring the POLARITY
  • Ethanol fuel consumption and
  • Exploring the effects of different fuel concentrations
  • Generating electricity from wine and beer
  • Exploring the effects of temperature

NGSS science and technology

  • interpretation analysis and data
  • Planning and conducting investigations
  • Constructing and designing solutions
  • Mathematical and algorithmic thinking
  • Procurement, evaluation and dissemination of information

NGSS concepts

  • cause and effect
  • Stability and change

NGSS discipline and core ideas

  • HS-PS1.B - Chemical reactions

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Alcohol Fuel Cell Kit, Horizon

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